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Hello! I’m Montse and I help freelancers and entrepreneurs to create a website for their business.

I can also help if you just want a personal website!

I know how hard it can be to start and run a business, especially if you’re a freelancer and working on your own. There are so many things to do, and at times it can be hard to prioritize the tasks and know what to work on. Not to mention the fact that we can suffer from imposter’s syndrome, mental stress due to work and family demands, and feeling unprepared for whatever lies ahead. I’ve been there, and the feelings still creep in from time to time.

On top of that, if you want your business to have an online presence (you should, by the way, in this day and age), it can be very stressful and overwhelming to decide what software to use, and then move on to create a logo, design the website, and write its content.

Don’t worry, I can help you!

I can create the website for you, so that you won’t have to worry about any of the technical aspects. In addition to having a website aligned with your business goals, it will be ready to be positioned well in Google, will comply with the GDPR and you will have the necessary e-mail addresses for your business to look professional – no more Gmail addresses or from other providers.

8 reasons why I can help you:

Technical Knowledge

I have a PhD in computer science. This means that I have relevant experience in programming, database administration, server management, DNS, SSL certificates, etc. I have worked as a database administrator and have run several websites over the years.

Design Knowledge

The visual aspect of your website should match the style of your business. This includes choosing the right fonts and colour palette. I can help you, as I have taken university courses on graphic design, photography and visual language. I’m also enrolled in a dog photography programme.


I love languages and can help you create a multilingual website such as this one. I was fortunate enough to grow up speaking two languages, Catalan and Spanish. A few months before my 18th birthday, I obtained the Certificate of Proficiency in English. At some points in my life, I have also studied French, German and even Japanese.


I have worked on several websites, with different requirements. You can check my portfolio.

Analytical Mind

I’m very good at analyzing options and choosing the one that best meets your requirements. During my PhD and my years as a postdoc I got used to finding solutions to problems, many times with limited resources.


I love learning new skills and acquiring new knowledge. This means that I keep up-to-date with the latest developments and that I’m very likely to take on projects which are different from what I’ve worked on before. 


I work as an associate lecturer at two Spanish universities. I love teaching and I enjoy helping others understand new concepts. I receive consistently good reviews from my students.


I know how hard it is to start your own project, and I enjoy talking about business-related topics with other freelancers and entrepreneurs.

Ready to start? Any questions?

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