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Captura de pantalla de la página principal de Mara Sangoi. Tiene un menú en la parte superior, y debajo aparece una fot de Mara y menciona qué ofrece: mejorar la comunicación en italiano.

Mara Sangoi

Mara Sangoi Context Mara Sangoi teaches Italian to adults. She lives in the German-speaking region of Switzerland and had her website in both English and German. However, she had started getting visitors from Spain who were interested in her Italian lessons and courses, and as a result, she wanted to add a Spanish translation to […]

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Main page of profe de españ It shows a big logo on top. Below it, there is the main menu. Below the menu the latest entries are shown, displayed in a grid.


Profe de españ Proposed Solution Unlike other projects, which are more or less closed, I’m still working with Jennifer. The Start I started off my collaboration with her by taking a look at the website and noting which aspects could be improved. This included: Another important aspect that I worked on was blocking the cookies.

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